Celebration: Five Years Since Delta Biscotti Encounter ....

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Five years ago to the day we met the person who is Elsie J. Hook aboard a Detroit-bound Delta from Bumpkins County, NY.

I remarked on the surprisingly good quality of the Delta biscotti to the woman seated next to me. She agreed. I handed her the tinytowntimes,com business card after learning that she enjoyed crossword puzzles. She said she enjoyed the Grassroots Festival and I ranted about how sick I was of the in-Festivallainy of destination events that would soon turn tiny town into the Big Lots of once-quiet getaways.

We met again when she won the ttt.com contest for solving a teaser. Her reward was Diaries of a Dirty Old Man by Charles Bukowski. That was the beginning of a beautiful editorial relationship most of which is redacted to spare me any more regret.

Here's to meeting Elsie J. Hook who was not Elsie just yet. That would take some dyslexicity of my part before the names caught-on:

The song "I'll Trade a Cookie for Your Photograph" was first recorded in 2012 and never recorded again.

Two images of the Liege of Glum taken by The Beloved Glum Queen, 2013.

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