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Let the Tiny Town Tattoo Tally Begin!

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Tiny Town, USA – From the outset, Tiny Town Times has promised to post a Tattoo Tally.

It took a little more footwork than expected.

There were the usual setbacks: rabid dogs, freak weather incidents, sniper fire ... but we got through it, dammit, we got through it -- with more than a little help from the folks at Stiehl's Body Modification Shop (607) 256-7175.

They've been around since 1977 -- that's a lot of piercings and tats ago, me buckos. 

Or visit http://www.stiehlsbodymod.com/

Here are a couple of their contributions of recent vintage:

The top image, "Cook Free," is by Jim Sidelinger (left, below); the image below it, "Mellow Moon", created by Scott Carlton (right, below).

Thanks, guys. Nice work.


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