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Demo Memo: Asians at the Top of the Worker Heap ... Who's Your Daddy?

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Top 10 Occupations: Asians

Among the hundreds of detailed occupations examined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the 10 in which Asians (alone) account for the largest share of workers...

Asian (alone) share of workers (average = 6%)
1. Misc. personal appearance workers: 55.3%
2. Medical scientists: 33.8%
3. Software developers, applications and systems: 31.9%
4. Statisticians: 24.5%
5. Computer hardware engineers: 22.8%
6. Electrical and electronics engineers: 21.4%
7. Sewing machine operators: 21.1%
8. Physicians and surgeons: 21.0%
9. Computer systems analysts: 20.9%
10. Computer programmers: 19.7%

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Source: Demo Memo analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics' employment data from the Current Population Survey

Cheryl Russell is a nationally renowned demographer as well as editorial director of New Strategist Press. Russell also is the former editor-in-chief of American Demographics magazine and The Boomer Report. She has written numerous books about demographic trends. Ms. Russell is a professional demographer with a master's degree from Cornell University.

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