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Paul Glover, Tiny Town Prophet once laughed out of town, now haunts this hurting place

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Editor's Note: The next few posts we will feature the work of Tiny Town's greatest advocate: Paul Glover. Glover was a workhorse for new ideas and instituting progressive concepts such as ITHACA HOURS and a private cooperative healthcare system that, for $100, got the unemployed as well as underpaid, actual basic health insurance. He insinuated himself into every aspect of true progressive living and wrote lively, coherent articles on why small growth was good growth, the need for small farms, alternative energy, alternative transportation -- there wasn't an area he didn't trove.  For his hard work he earned respect from insiders, but on the whole, he was labeled a heretic and a local whacko. That we should have such whackos here now! Glover was a radical but in our eyes, he represented the kind of Yankee ingenuity and genius that served this community well. You'd think such a person would flourish in Ithaca. You'd be wrong. Tiny Town at its core and even on a surface level, is a bastion of conservatism cloaked as "liberal progressive" ideology. Just look what's happening here and you'll see that it is not a shining example of new ideas, but a wasteland of the same tired re-treaded ideas as ever: Build higher, pack em' in  density (vertical sprawl), turning Tiny Town into a Destination Place by whoring it out as a Festivilla. This is not the stuff of one of "the smartest little cities" -- it is a cry for help from an animal trapped in a culture of "nice-nice" soft ideas and fast-buck fixes. Check out this 1977 bit of "artwork" by Glover's own hand. You'll see the issues have not changed much. But the city, in response to challenges, is changing fast.

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