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Tuesday is Poetry Day at Tiny Town Times ... RIP "LEMMY"

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One Consequence of Attempting a Deterministic Self-Identity


It's not often you'll found me

Snacking on toast and butter

and celery

and sipping warm lemonade.

But such was my condition when JAMS

told me about the death of Lemmy, who was not a pet

(something that, the more I gave chew, I was grateful about).


News here says Lemmy was 70 and he played for Motörhead. I wonder if the umlaut

was there to give the band's handle an "ur" sound; lost at 130 decidels ...


That's probably be the loudest thing I'll think of until the salt truck

comes up the hill this early Tuesday morning after Christmas with Lemmy all dead and now it's cold enough to believe it.


AND NOW THIS FROM SKIP, who is about ready to clean-up Marshall's Laundry over in Trumansburg (note here he is only referring to himself, not of the deceased):


"An Impermanent


100% determined,
Temporary collection of
8 octillion atoms
Flowing through a myriad of
Standing-wave-like patterns that
Compose a multiple-organism with
A single Self-illusion
(called 'Skip'), that has absolutely
No control over what it does.
It has concluded that
There is no nothing, ever."
Well ... I don't know how Lemmy's fans feel about that.
Like I mentioned, this text just came to me about quarter-past-one a.m.
As editor of this post, I feel it well within my power to say:
"The above transmission from Skip David of Trumanburg, NY, a man who purports to be nothing, ever, is now
the random generator of the tiny town times obituary for Lemmy Kilmister, 70.
Because of this interaction the late Mr. Kilmister, who sported two or three great fleshy moles resembling volume knobs on his left cheek, virtually guaranteed
that the Trumansburg composer of what may well stand as a tardy Heiligenstadt Testament, of sorts, but no longer sole record expression SKIP's nothingness
but in fact has been coopted as our tribute to someone altogether foreign to
this late night staffer,
proving that life goes on & then, too, comes crashing to a dead halt
pretty regularly.
– C. Pembroke Handy, restored
Image of Lemmy from Dave J Hogan/Getty Images



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