Is Davey Weathercock in danger of being struck by lightning?

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There is cohesion among the activities of David S. Warren , a former atmospheric scientist, Olive the Weather Hen, and death by lightning strike. The following notes explain but a little of this triadic congruence:

Tiny Town Satellite of Aurora – The parallels are just too striking.

In this year alone, two people were killed by a lightning strike while they were "Covering Chickens" under a tree. The deaths occurred in June in the City of Opp in Alabama. You can find the names, dates and some detail by referring to  the handy-dandy guide we co-opted from government sources.

To date, 22 people have died after being hit by the extremely sharp, jagged edges of thunderbolts hurled by Thor, a burly Afro-Cumulus Nimbi whose anvil-topped peaks resemble the fine fades acquired by Spike Lee back in the day when he threatened to sue the European Union for refusing to declare Thor was a black man, possibly of Ethiopian heritage.

Pictured along with our  database and map: Davey Weathercock, attempting a modern Benjamin Franklin experiment using only his nose and forearms with which he clutched the most sensitive atmospherical data-collecting device Weathercock ever had the good accident to add to his explorations and recreations of climatic events that are still viewed on feeble bandwidths across The Great Divide.

That would be: Olive, the Weather Hen.

Here you see the extreme sport of attracting lightning via means of a "covering" a chicken, outside Weathercock's elaborate National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administrative station.

The human remains alive, fowl tempter of Fates that he is. But Weathercock's experiments with covering chickens outside of his home under a tree during electrical storms ultimately led to the death of Olive, the Weather Hen.

Upon her beak can here be seen the numerous attempts by Thor to ruffle Olive's feathers. She was a rare-bird, a descendant of the Plymouth Rock Barred species, but by accident part Jinn and capable of producing human children, from eggs.

This untold piece of our tale remains a secret. However, we do know that Weathercock was not fond of child-rearing outside of matrimony and he made his nuptials with Olive in a secret ceremony in 2012.

– C. Penbroke Handy, future correspondent now


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Yes, But What Does It Meeeeeeeeeeean???

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Here's a motto:

"Sparkle Suckers, this is LIFE!"

Maybe "life" doesn't have to be in all caps. Maybe you can say it more quietly.

But it's really a shout-out. Some certain men know the primogenitor of this phrase. Do they know from whence the primogenitor of's original motto originated?


Possibly. Might as well be. Might as well be Dr. Welby. There: An example of echolalia.

So say you're talking to a designer or someone who's going to change your life if you can explain what the hell you mean when you say: "Sparkle Suckers! This is Life."

Am I simply saying, in another yankee-doodle way: "Cheer-up"? Am I asking, in that old pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootlaces and smell the coffee kind of way: "Why do glum, Chum?"

Can I sell something to you that will make you feel good every time you think about it?

Think about it! Can I?

I betcha. Some times. Yep. Sooner or later you're gonna have one of those days, one of those weeks, an entire period of your very short stay on this sick little Pale Blue Dot (thanks, Mr. Sagan) when your own mind is gonna start buying into the whole story of what a big steaming pile of not very hygienic stuff was stuffed in your face from word one and then -- we're gonna getcha.

Yes we are. Me, Chad, The Lucky Ithaca Monkey Brick and the whole mad lot of them, lately herding dust bunnies with a hot air drier in some Red state that's been Trumped. You're rise up, you're gonna see and you're gonna hear it in your own head as if you made it up your ownself and that's just fine with us:

Shout it!


And when you're done and when it's all behind you and that lying sack of crap that started out as some annoyance and grew into a Sturm und Drang and a Weltschmerz, too and my people, it will be GONE.


Solid gone.

And then you just do the next thing because you don't need to know what it meeeeeeeeeeens!

– C. Penbroke Handy, all fired-up after a dynamic online interview





Tiny Town Teaser Flashback: August 2010

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For answers to No.146, click on the TinyTownTeasers link under Arts & Entertainment.


Celebration: Five Years Since Delta Biscotti Encounter ....

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Five years ago to the day we met the person who is Elsie J. Hook aboard a Detroit-bound Delta from Bumpkins County, NY.

I remarked on the surprisingly good quality of the Delta biscotti to the woman seated next to me. She agreed. I handed her the tinytowntimes,com business card after learning that she enjoyed crossword puzzles. She said she enjoyed the Grassroots Festival and I ranted about how sick I was of the in-Festivallainy of destination events that would soon turn tiny town into the Big Lots of once-quiet getaways.

We met again when she won the contest for solving a teaser. Her reward was Diaries of a Dirty Old Man by Charles Bukowski. That was the beginning of a beautiful editorial relationship most of which is redacted to spare me any more regret.

Here's to meeting Elsie J. Hook who was not Elsie just yet. That would take some dyslexicity of my part before the names caught-on:

The song "I'll Trade a Cookie for Your Photograph" was first recorded in 2012 and never recorded again.

Two images of the Liege of Glum taken by The Beloved Glum Queen, 2013.

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