Tiny Town Teaser No. 26, Vol. 6: Over hard ...

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1. With 4 Across, rad
4. See 1 Across
5. Jag of old

1. ___ News
2. Puffin's cousin
3. Itinerary abbr.

Tiny Town Teaser No. 25, Vol. 6: Over easy ...

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1. With 4 Across, scam
4. See 1 Across
5. Start of a winning combination

1. Go bad
2. "___ were you..."
3. GI rank
Degree of difficulty: Banking embers in a dying fire to keep your feet warm on a forced march through April.
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"Song of the Skunk Cabbage" as translated by Chad "Straight from the Spathe" Coles

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Song of the Skunk Cabbage

Man says I smell fetid
Although I am wedded
To the things
He calls "Spring" before
Winged robins flock back to new beginnings ...

I sing, to the flies and the bees!
I keep it warm in the freeze;
Man thinks not much of me:
Then again, my vegetable G-d
Thinks of Man as quite odd.

O' I sing to the marsh 
When times are harsh! 
If you think that I stink:
Best to rethink and thank us
For the melt around ponds
A'fore fern lifts her fronds ... 
We give life to the dark enigma
Of night -- we make light!

I was here before your 
Neurotic tripe cast a stigma 
On our manifold leaves ... 
We are sweet to the bee
And kind to the fly
Without either of these
Oh, boo-hoo -- you die! 
Bow low, homo sapiens
You know not your own origins. 
Kiss my leaf and then go –- 
You reek a bit too, you know.

-- From "Song of the Skunk Cabbage," translated by Chad Coles, AdQ and erotic muse of @tinytowntimes.com ... Straight from the spathe ...

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In honor of the 33rd Annual Skunk Cabbage Classic -- Skunk Cabbages!

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Before you watch the slideshow and check out the info below about the Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon & 10K -- why don't you learn a little something about these appealing forms, which have a spirit and an essence peculiar to its species. It's all right below the slideshow but it's easy enough to learn more about Symplocarpus foetidus.

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We now turn our programming over to Prof. Wiki:

Eastern skunk cabbage has leaves which are large, 40–55 cm (15.75-21.5 in) long and 30–40 cm (12-15.75 in) broad. It flowers early in the spring when only the flowers are visible above the mud. The stems remain buried below the surface of the soil with the leaves emerging later. The flowers are produced on a 5–10 cm (2–5 in) long spadix contained within a spathe, 10–15 cm (4–6 in) tall and mottled purple in colour. The rhizome is often 30 cm (1 ft) thick.

Ecology of the Eastern Skunk Cabbage, or Breaking or tearing a leaf produces a pungent but not harmful odor, the source of the plant's common name. The plant is not poisonous to the touch. The strong scent attracts its pollinators, scavenging flies, stoneflies, and bees. The odor in the leaves may also serve to discourage large animals from disturbing or damaging this plant which grows in soft wetland soils.

Eastern skunk cabbage is notable for its ability to generate temperatures of up to 15-35°C (59-95°F) above air temperature by cyanide resistant cellular respiration in order to melt its way through frozen ground, placing it among a small group of plants exhibiting thermogenesis. Even though it flowers while there is still snow and ice on the ground it is successfully pollinated by early insects that also emerge at this time. Some studies suggest that beyond allowing the plant to grow in icy soil, the heat it produces may help to spread its odor in the air. Carrion-feeding insects that are attracted by the scent may be doubly encouraged to enter the spathe because it is warmer than the surrounding air, fueling pollination.

Eastern Skunk Cabbage has contractile roots which contract after growing into the earth. This pulls the stem of the plant deeper into the mud, so that the plant in effect grows downward, not upward. Each year, the plant grows deeper into the earth, so that older plants are practically impossible to dig up. They reproduce by hard, pea-sized seeds which fall in the mud and are carried away by animals or by floods.

The 33rd Annual

Skunk Cabbage Classic Half Marathon & 10K

Sunday, April 6, 2014
Half Marathon at 10:00a.m. & 10K at 10:15 a.m.
Event is sanctioned by USATF
Chip timing by Leone Timing Services

Race Day Info:

Water Stops:

We will have 4 water stops on the Half Marathon course, one of which serves the 10k runners twice.

#1 Stevenson near Dodge (about mile 2.5)
#2 Ellis Hollow (about mile 4.5)
#3 1/2 Marathon onto Ellis Hollow Creek (about mile 7)
#4 Ellis Hollow Creek before Turkey Hill (about mile 8.5)

These water stops are sponsored by local volunteer groups or families, who will be competing to be named the Runners’ Choice water stop! In addition to providing hydration and cheers, they will have themes and/or music, and lots of enthusiastic water-givers to win your support! Ballots will be available at the finish.

No headphones are allowed. Period!

As noted on the registration forms, which you all signed (or initialed!), headphones are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

You will be disqualified from the race if you are found to be using headphones.

Editor's note: Hear that? DISQUALIFIED!

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